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Pretty specializes in moving mission critical websites to highly awarded and proven platforms. We understand not every website fits a single platform, so we have different solutions to best fit your needs.

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We'd love to work with:

Businesses looking for tested and proven platforms. We work with best in breed website CMS platforms that are leaders and are highly awarded. We focus on:

Customers wanting to do more and want to break through the limitations of BC

Highly functional websites that are difficult to migrate

Risk adverse customers seeking proven solutions and more control of their tech assets

Mission critical websites that require high uptime

We guarantee you the best platforms, quality code and a proper migration lead by a team onshore. We offer enterprise hosting with 99.999% uptime. We won't risk your SEO in the migration. We specialize in quality, reliability, and low risk for businesses that care about their online presence.

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We're Pretty Different

How we're different
from the other migration partners

We're not a startup business with a new cloud platform looking to take advantage of the BC EoL. We service businesses that understand the risk involved with investing their assets into a startup and are looking for quality code, great service and best in breed platforms. This is how we came to be the biggest Business Catalyst agency in the world.

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The best platforms. Quality code and a proper migration.

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SEO Friendly

Migrate properly and protect your SEO with as little impact as possible to the business


Easy to Update

Simple management processes making it easy to manage and maintain your own website

SSL Secure

SSL certificate managed for you. Ensuring your website is secure.



Powerful Ecommerce without restrictions and compromises

Marketing Tools

Packed with the best in breed marketing tools when you need them.

Recurring Orders

For businesses that take recurring automated payments online

Email Marketing

Email marketing baked into your website witout using 3rd party tools with additional costs. Supercharge Email marketing with Marketing Automation and more

Google Shopping

Feed your products to Google Shopping and supercharge your sales by syndicating your products to Google


Mobile responsive website that work on any device

Powerful API

Connect to other platforms and build out advanced custom integrations

AWS Hosting

Amazing Web Services (AWS) hosting to ensure maximum uptime, monitoring, security, speed and reliability.

Blog & Forum

Content marketing. Why don't you automatically Email out the blog to all subscribers monthly? Easy

Web Apps

Build out anything you want without limitation and restriction

Vendor Support

Stuck and need to contact the CMS vendor directly for help. No problem


Migrated Clients

we have advanced tools for extracting your content, making the migration easier and less work for you

Frequently Ask Questions

Who are Pretty

We’ve been using Business Catalyst for 15 years. We predate any employee or any agency in BC. We designed, built and coded the Business Catalyst website and presented 3 times at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles. Pretty managed over 300 active websites across the globe from offices in Sydney and New York. Now we’re the Asia Pacific approved migration partner and we’re focusing our attention on clients that want to break through the limitations of Business Catalyst and move to bigger and better platforms.

What about email hosting

As an approved Migration Partner we have access to simply detach your emails away from Adobe’s account with no disruption, no backups and migrations required. It’s a very easy process even if you're planning to move your website somewhere else we can help you with your Email Migration with very little cost to you.

Is there an automated solution for moving my website

Not really. You can’t download an Adobe site and move it to other hosting because your current website is hard coded into Business Catalyst. We need to collapse down the site and rebuild it using modules from another CMS. However Pretty has spent thousands of hours developing migration tools to make the content migration as seamless as possible. Our migrations are getting faster and more efficient the more we do.

Who should migrate my site

Approved Migration Partners have the tools to extract the data you need. If you’re site is small you will get away with anyone migrating the site. However for the larger important sites that have content requirements I highly recommend talking to an Approved Migration Partner who will have all the tools needed to make the process easier for you.

When is the right time to move

Now Now Now. By the time the end date comes around there is going to be a mad rush for Approved Migration Partners to move sites. So the time to move is now. Also the BC platform has some major issues and the engineers refuse to fix the bugs. It’s getting worse and worse as the month pass by. Get out now is my advice.

Will I lose my SEO

That depends. Usually we see up to a 15% drop for up to 3 months. However we’ve migrated some sites where SEO is very important and made sure every box is ticked and they actually saw an increase within 3 months. I’ve also taken phone calls where no SEO considerations were taken and it’s wiped businesses off Google. It’s a risk that can be mitigated.

What’s the right platform to use

Firstly I am recommending to stay clear of any CMS platform that hasn’t been around for 5 years. It’s too risky. Pretty prefers to use highly awarded platforms that innovate, is not another hosted SAAS platform like BC, is easy to manage, is friendly for SEO, is bundled with the marketing tools we know and love, is not loaded with plugins, includes all the core modules we’d need to build most websites, is a platform we download and have full code access to etc.

Who will benefit

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Reputable, secure, scalable. For businesses looking for serious web platforms. No more compromising

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Medium Business

Easy to manage awarded CMS options with cost effective migration options.

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No more limitations

Platforms that far exceed Business Catalyst capabilities Loaded with marketing features.

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Risk Adverse

Businesses with risk assessment requirements. Your digital assets safe and secure.